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Disposable Contacts

Disposable contact lenses are extremely popular today because they are considered to be far superior in comfort and offer a wide variety of options. Let our Doctors and professional staff direct you to choose the best contact lenses for you and your lifestyle.

We have monthly and bi-weekly disposables. These require daily cleaning and storage in proper contact lens solution. Additionally, you also have a choice of a 30-days of continuous day and night wear without removing the contact lenses.

Daily disposables are a convenient option that does not need cleaning and storage at the end of each day, saving you time and money on contact lens cleaning solutions. The other benefit of daily disposables is the chances of developing contact lens related eye infections, normally associated with the monthly and bi-weekly lenses due to improper cleaning or extended wear, become virtually non-existent.

We also offer tints and colors that may accent your natural eye color or change your eye color altogether.