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Insertion & Removal (I & R) Appointments

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Here at Cambridge Eye Associates, we want your first experience with contacts to be successful. Our experienced Opticians will assist you with insertion and Removal (I&R) of your contacts. Please expect the training to last up to an hour. During this time, the Optician will train on proper handwashing and preparation for contacts, successful insertion and removal, as well as care for your contacts.

“How will I know that I am ready for contacts?”

It is recommended that the following skills will aid in you or your child’s success:

  • You are comfortable touching your eyes
  • You are coordinated enough to hold your eye lids open
  • You or your child are mature enough for the responsibility of the care of the contact lenses

Children and contacts:

The Doctors at Cambridge Eye Associates recognize that each child is unique, which includes their eye care needs. It is difficult to set an age limit to determine who would make a good candidate. Our experience is children under the age of 8 struggle with the I & R. However, there will be occasions where your child may be fit with contact lenses for specialty purposes such as: Amblyopia, refractive asymmetry, and specific activities. We encourage you to speak with your child’s Doctor to determine what will work best for your child and their eye care needs.

It is encouraged that the parents are involved with the first part of the I & R. This helps the parent to understand the proper preparations and care of the contact lenses for your child’s eye health. During the hands-on portion, we find that the child is more successful and less stressed with just the trained Optician.

“What if it takes longer than an hour?”

There may be occasions that longer time is required for an I & R. We will be happy to schedule another time slot for you.