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Lens Treatments

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A lens treatment optimizes your vision, protects your eye health, and can prolong the life of your eyewear.

Common lens coatings & treatments that we provide are:

  • UV Protection: For the long-term health of your eyes, you want to ensure your glasses are 100% UV protected against both UVA and UVB rays.
  • Scratch Resistant: Scratches, while not likely to affect your lens performance, are an annoyance that can interfere with clear vision. Scratch resistant lenses (NOT scratch proof) have a hard surface treatment built into the lens that is specifically designed to resist scratches.
  • BlueTech: Blue light blocking lenses that protect your eyes from the blue light emissions caused by electronics like computers, tablets, and cell phones. With the increase in use of technology for all of us, including our children, individuals are suffering from eye strain, headaches, glare, and sleep disturbances caused by these blue light emissions.
  • Anti-Reflective: A treatment applied to both the front and the back of your prescription lenses, which will greatly reduce the light reflected. As a result, your vision will be more defined and the glare from objects (especially headlights at night) is virtually eliminated.