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Specialty Eyewear

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In addition to crisp eyesight, you need excellent depth perception, eye-hand coordination and peripheral awareness no matter your sport. Our optical technicians will match you to the best specialized eyewear; while our eye doctors will customize your exam to your needs.

Safety and Sports Glasses

Protective eyewear for you and your kids, such as specialized goggles and wraparound frames with polycarbonate lenses, helps to reduce or eliminate the risk of eye damage. An added bonus is that performance is often enhanced, due to the high quality vision provided from eyewear made for wearing on the playing field.

Shooting and Hunting Eyewear

Firearms can be dangerous, and all have some recoil. In addition most shooting occurs outside, where elements such as dust, wind, sun, trees and vegetation can potentially harm eyes. Therefore it’s very important to use eye protection at all times when engaged in shooting activities, indoors and outside.

Contacts & Glasses that Enhance Sports Performance

Every sports activity requires a different skill set for success, yet all sports share a critical need for good vision. Our team of professionals will assist you to choose the eyewear you need to optimize your performance in your specific sport, whatever that sport may be. A few of the concerns we consider: protecting your eyes from impact-related sports; blocking UV rays if outside; anti-glare for water sports; and contact lenses for unobstructed peripheral vision.

We offer an extensive selection of specialty eyewear, including:

  • Rudy Project: Sports glasses for extreme sports like cycling, running, and other outdoor sports.
  • 7eye: Glasses for Motorcyclists; and for dry eye protection.
  • Randolph Shooters: Sportsman glasses for hunting, trap shooting, and other sportsman activities.