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Sunglasses for Kids

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Studies show that by the age of 18, our eyes and body have absorbed half of our lifetime UV (Ultraviolet) radiation exposure, making the use of sunglasses and proper UV protection for our children critical. Long-term UV damage has been linked to many eye health diseases like macular degeneration and cancer. Luckily, today it is easy to find quality sunglasses for children.

Cambridge Eye Associates care about the eye health of your whole family, especially your children. Our trained Opticians will assist you in finding a pair that will not only protect your child’s eyesight, but hopefully will be fun for them to wear. It is important to let your child be involved in the process so they are more enthusiastic and compliant in wearing their sun protection.

Another excellent option for kids are the photochromic lenses (darken in response to sunlight); thus, limiting the problem of lost or misplaced sunglasses. Click here for more information on Transitions Lenses.