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Computer & Reading Glasses

Computer and Reading glasses cropReading Glasses

As we approach the age of 40, our near vision begins to weaken – a condition called presbyopia. There are several ways to correct this, including glasses just for reading and a multifocal or bifocal glasses that correct both distance and near vision.

We also specialize in reading glasses for contact lens wearers that work together with their contact lenses, giving them the clarity they need in their reading and intricate work.

Computer Glasses

In a day when most of the population sits for extended periods of time at work or at home in front of a computer or handheld screen, it is important to consider a pair of computer glasses. The glare and the blue light emissions from the screen can cause eye strain, eye fatigue, and headaches. By having a separate pair of glasses especially designed for computer use, you will create a more comfortable work environment.

At Cambridge Eye Associates we are committed to stay cutting edge in today’s world of changing technology and lifestyle habits. Visit with one of our caring staff members to find out what eyewear you need to empower you to enjoy your life to the fullest with the clearest vision possible.